It could all be so simple

Enter the departure and destination airport, get a route, file the flight plan and go.

Unfortunately, all but the simplest routes will be rejected by IFPS, Eurocontrol's integrated flight planning system, for violation of a restriction. At latest count, these restrictions fill 460 pages in the Jeppesen manuals and are impossible to take into account manually.

AutoPlan IFR solves this problem - it automatically generates a route that passes CFMU validation, and in systematic testing has a proven success rate of 90%+ for routes between European IFR airports.

It could all be so simple - now it is!

AutoRoute IFR is currently under development, but a beta version is available for free. You dan download it here. That version is supplied for testing purposes, and we would appreciate your feedback on the program. That beta version is time limited to the end of August.

Depending on the feedback, there might be a full commercial release later this year.

As usual, the beta version is provided with no warranties and you use it at your own risk.